Paul WatsonMichele SciurbaSarah Schuster

You Can’t Destroy a Movement

Interview with Captain Paul Watson
With photos from the archives of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
124 pages, Paperback, 155 x 235 mm




»This planet is a spaceship and there is a life support system providing oxygen, regulating the climate, providing food … We are all passengers, bees, worms, trees and us. We have a great time entertaining ourselves, it’s what we do best. But what we are doing is killing off the crew and there is only so many crew you can kill before the whole thing falls apart.«

This book offers exclusive insights into the life of Paul Watson, a person with extraordinary experiences and special concern for the world—and includes the story of his escape from Germany, his views on politics and media and of the inner workings of the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society. »If the oceans die, we die with them. What we need today is a movement whose aim is not to save the planet, but to help save us from ourselves.« The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is such a movement that is fully committed, with its founder Captain Paul Watson, to this cause. The publication of »You Can’t Destroy a Movement« represents the debut of the new series »Edition Faust International«. With this book of interviews and illustrations, »Edition Faust« presents the unique, extremely ingenious and extraordinarily empathic perspective of the renowned environmental activist, Captain Paul Watson who describes the status quo of the earth and our society. As a consequence of the destruction of biodiversity, 50 percent of currently existing species will disappear from the face of the earth by the end of the century, unless we radically change our current course. In the face of the death of the oceans and of numerous plant and animal species, it is remarkable how Paul Watson is able to maintain positive attitude and preserve a sense of humor. »You can take down an individual, you can take down an organization, but you can’t destroy a movement«, he says with typical seriousness and with the knowledge that we all need to work together to address a problem, the solution to which far exceeds our capacity as individuals.

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September 2016


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